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Yellow Macro Monday

Easter is coming to an end, but I hope my tulips will hold another few days!

I hope you all enjoyed you Easter holidays. We have been busy: Visit from friends, Science Factory, Playground-jumping, barbecuing in the forest and Easter egg-hunt. We have had a lot of fun!
What was your Easter like?
Our vistiors from Søgne brought beautiful tulips
Getting closer!
As close as it gets …
I’m linking up with Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday – please visit to view more pictures or to join!

21 tanker om “Yellow Macro Monday”

  1. Thank you Yoko! So nice of you to write about hope and optimism! That's true! Not to mention all the joy they gave, both the flowers and the visitors! :)Enjoy spring in beautiful Japan!Pia xx

  2. Thank you – I am very happy that you like my photos!We had a busy Easter, and my eldest reused to go outside the house today ;)Enjoy!Pia xx

  3. Love those lovely Yellow flowers..Visiting for Mellow Yellow Monday- hope you can stop by:)

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