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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday! To enjoy more fun, visit Ashley’s blog to see pictures and to participate!
Today’s challenge is as following:
Simple – Grain – Transportation – Stitch – Bubble(s)
1. The love of a SIMPLE life: Tea, book & chocolate! Not to mention the word of wisdom at the tea bag: «The wind does not break a bendy tree»
2. A GRAIN of salt – I love the pink color of the Himalaya salt!

3. This type of TRANSPORTATION is to expensive for us! But we love summer season when we can watch all the beautiful cruise ships that visit Stavanger from all over the world!

4. Yesterday I met a Chinese friend for the first time, even though I’ve known him some years through internet. His wife had bought me this marvelous hand-STITCHED bag from China. I am very grateful!

5. Every day at open kindergarten, the kids love to catch the BUBBLES! The same song, the same bubbles! Every day! The joy of the repetition!

This  was my week’s interpretation – I hope you have enjoyed my pictures!

Next week’s challenge is:

  1. Yellow
  2. Something that makes or made you smile
  3. Ancient or Antique
  4. Splash
  5. In the Sun

6 tanker om “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”

  1. I loved simple the best. It reminded me to bend more so I would have less of a chance of breaking. I also loved the bubbles. Kids and repetition-so needed!Dawn

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