Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Bergen!

It’s Sunday and time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! As we spent the week end in Bergen, to day all my items will show pictures from this trip.

Today’s items are:
Rainbow – Fluffy – Letters – Metal – Trees

Please visit Ashley to view more pictures!

1. Rainbow
We took the funicular to Fløyen. Even though we had both sun and rain, the only place we saw the rainbow was in the bubbles!

2. Fluffy
We had two very happy boys that could have a bath in a bath tub at the hotel! Most fun was to make a fluffy big brother!

3. Letters
We also went to Bryggen in Bergen. You can’t see it, but the sun was shining and we ate ice cream 🙂

4. Metal
A piece of a metal sculpture in Bergen. I’ve played with the colors.

5. Trees
In the center of Bergen the is a small water. Alongside the water were many beautiful trees with pink flowers.

 Next week’s items are:

  1. Beneath Your Feet
  2. Capturing Movement
  3. Texture
  4. Face Your Fears
  5. Currently

7 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Bergen!

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  1. Å, det er så fint rundt Lillelungegårdsvann for tiden! Jeg var borte fra Bergen i to uker forleden, og da jeg kom tilbake var det blitt helt rosa!

Jeg setter stor pris på om du legger igjen en kommentar! Jeg skal gjøre mitt beste for å svare alle. Ønsker deg en GLAD dag!

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