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Memories, dreams & reflections 2012

Jumping in in the last minute, wanting to share some of my best memories from 2012!
Thank you to all of you out there that helped me creating lovely memories! I love you all!

is hosting this challenge to share memories, dreams and reflections. 
Please visit her blog to view more spectacular blogs!

I love shoes, but the last four years, staying home with my boys, my shoes are grey and worn out!
For 2012 I am proud of the fact that my boys and I smile EVERY day, no matter how the day is!
(Yes, we do have other emotions as well!)

 I Love You 
My three boys ❤

Still laughing

I don’t know what went wrong, but one day me and my youngest son came to Open kindergarten. He was so angry, crying and did not want to get undressed. Nothing was good enough to calm down! At the end, I just had to let him go and «cry off». Usually, when he’s in that mood, I come to get him after a few minutes, I lift him up, hug him and everything is OK. This time, I was a bit worried when i didn’t hear him crying. I went looking for him:
He had found my phone, and sat playing and sulking on the most «natural» place to hide away when you need peace and quiet:

Winter Wonderland 

The world’s most beautiful place, with lots of good memories. 
This place reminds me of my fantastic grand mother, loved and deeply missed!

Great turning five!
When my son turned four, the very next day he started counting days for his next birthday …
The day after his fifth birthday he proclaimed he did NOT want to turn six … because he don’t want to go to school … 😉

 I Miss You
My eldest son’s best friend moved to another part of the country. 
This was truly the worst part of all of 20121

Some friends move away, but we were blessed with new friends also in 2012! 

I Was Inspired … 
In 2012 I took up to of my greatest hobbies: Photography and reading!
Also, and of course, Jesus inspires me!

Spring Fever
The magic of spring: Some being bare foot, some wearing winter shoes.
The precious girl of course correctly dressed!

Travel or Vacation
Top of 2012: RIding a London bus, on the way to Hamley’s:
Second floor, one corner, two hours!
Heaven on earth for Thomas the Tank engine lovers!

Summer Days
This truly reflects summer of 2012: Wearing fleece for the beach …
Top memory for last summer is having best friends visiting! Always in our hearts ❤
(sadly I had no usable pictures to show from our best summer memories!)

A Day In My Life
Me and my youngest spend our days at Open kindergarten.
A day without a train is no day to remember!

All Smiles
My youngest son’s first flower to me!
He smiled with all his heart!
I smiled with all my heart!

Autumn Harvest
View over Windsor castle. 
I love autumn colors, and the autumn colors in England amazed me! 
I’ve never seen such beautiful trees!

 Family or Home 
Both of them is all about having fun!

Small pleasures – the true celebration of life!

Let’s Do It Again …
Every time my eldest son is sad or very tired, he says «I want to go to Bergen!»,
so I guess this year, as every other year, we will go to Bergen!

Of all the beautiful people I know, who can I choose?
No other, of course, than all the people I love deeply in my heart!
❤ Family ❤ Friends ❤

Dress Up
We don’t dress up in this family, but my son’s loved to decorate their mother for Easter 🙂

Macro – my favorite!

For Easter holidays we went to Bømlo to meet a very dear friend I had not seen for around 15 years! It was such a blessing seeing beautiful K again!
My eldest totally fell in love with K’s niece, and still talks about her sometimes!

Don’t Ever Change (if only for the better!)
❤ L O V E ❤

Just Because … So There!
My eldest son’s first drawing of a person! Both me and him being very proud!

Hopes and Dreams
My greatest dream for 2013 is definitely to se more of the beautiful nature in our area!

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  1. Mange herlige minner formidlet på en like herlig måte 🙂 Klart dere må komme til Bergen i år og! Vi bør absolutt få til en tur til Stavanger i år! Savner dere <3Mvh.Renate Jokiel

Jeg setter stor pris på om du legger igjen en kommentar! Jeg skal gjøre mitt beste for å svare alle. Ønsker deg en GLAD dag!

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