13 blessings!

It’s Friday the 13th – I choose to count the blessings!

1. I had an ice cream at Sim Salami with my eldest son. This is a habit we have on Fridays when the younger brother sleeps 🙂

2. I bought my self four new books. There was an sale, buy five books for 200. One of them was Isprinsessen by Camilla Läckberg, a book I had already planned to buy. The fifth book I picked out for my husband, just because it’s Friday 😉

3. My eldest had convulsive laughter for about 20 minutes.

4. I didn’t have to cook dinner: We had an exclusive family dinner at the world famous restaurant McDonald’s 🙂

5. I won two games on Wordfeud (and lost none!)

6. My naprapat declared my back (as good as) healed :))) (I had a remarkable change after I stopped eating/drinking dairy products!)

7. I chose not to clean the living room (not a blessing)- BUT: I I don’t suffer from bad conscience. (That’s a blessing!)
(One beautiful day!) (NO pictures!!)

8. Both boys fell asleep without any fuzz!

10. I’ve been smiling all day.

11. I’ve seen Sauen Shaun!

12. My hair actually listened to me for once! What to expect for tomorrow? 😉

13. We had a few hours of spring temperature!

How was your day? Please mention a blessing!
I wish you all a happy weekend!!!

3 tanker om “13 blessings!”

  1. My 2 yr old son LOVES Shaun the Sheep. He also has a pretty big sweet tooth, and would probably enjoy it if I adopted your tradition of ice cream while the younger sisters sleep haha!-Sarah

  2. SV: Er ikke det irriterende! WordPress jobber ikke godt sammen med blogspot så jeg må kommentere med min google kont på endel blogger. Det er jo greit nok, men irriterende at jeg ikke kan bruke min wordpresskonto.

Jeg setter stor pris på om du legger igjen en kommentar! Jeg skal gjøre mitt beste for å svare alle. Ønsker deg en GLAD dag!

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