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PAKKEPOST!!! Pay it Forward/Giveaway

Today a very nice package arrived from Suzy, all the way from England! My Eldest was so proud when there was a package all the way from England, his favorite country:) And when he opened it and saw that it was full of small parcels, he was overwhelmed! So thank you Suzy – everything was great! I really appreciate all the effort you have put in making all the nice presents and also that you wrapped everything so nicely! You are great!! (You can see pictures of the items at the end of this post.)
Maybe all others wonder why I had a package all the way from England? At the end of February, Suzy had a Pay it Forward challenge at her blog. She asked for three volunteers whom would receive a self made surprise. The one condition is that those three had to have this Pay it Forward challenge on their blog. I was picked out to be one of the volunteers 🙂 So today I want to pass on the challenge!
So today I ask for three volunteers to join my Pay it Forward. 
You can tell me in a comment, or you can email me at reidarsdatterATTgmailDOTTcom. If I have many volunteers, I will put the names in a bowl and just pick three. I will set the deadline to join to March 30th. The one thing you commit to, is that you will have a Pay it Forward at your blog. Suzy had an easter/spring theme for her gifts. I will not have a theme, but I will make something I am really good at (I didn’t notice it was a challenge for crafty people until after I was picked to join ;)) I might not be crafty, but I am very creative, so I have some good ideas!
Here are the beautiful gifts from Suzy:
My Eldest son’s favorite! This beautiful banner is now in his room, over his bed! He is SO proud!

A very nice decoration! I will put in my kitchen window, next to a pink flower 🙂

Easter egg. I think I will try to string it and hang it in a window. Beautiful!

I love this cube! This is my favorite! My eldest son (the one with the math head!) got very enthusiastic when he saw it. He tried to twist it, and rustrated asked: Why doesn’t it turn? He just got a Rubix cube ;))

Just the cutest easter bunny and easter rabbit 🙂

Fridge magnet. I will put this up on the fridge when I have a bad day – just to warn my boys ;)) 

This wrapping made me curios!

It was full of hearts!! I love it!!

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